One of the great reasons to hire a professional coordinator for your wedding is that you receive their vendor referrals. I take great care in maintaining my vendor list database and only a select number of vendors get added to my list. Why?, you might ask.. Well, I am not only very, very particular, but I also want to make sure they they are truly the best of the best out there.

After checking several references, having an interview, and then seeing the vendor do their service in person or in the case of them being a product, visiting their facility, I add them to my list. They really have to get at least 5 stars, in my book, to be added to my vendor referral list…

All that said, this leads me to this past weekend. I went to a lovely ceremony at the Tustin Ranch Golf Course to see a very sweet couple get married. Well, I wasn’t there to see them say their “I Do’s” but to check out the Officiant that married them. I had already screened him, checked several references, and now I was there to see him in action. It was important for me to see how he conversed with the Bride, Groom, Family, Bridal Parties, and especially the coordinator (who happended to be the gals who work at the Tustin Ranch Golf Course).

My overall review: He was FANTASTIC! Also, professional, sweet, and kind to the “T”. I will definately be recommending him to my clients. I was so impressed with the time he took to greet the bride, assist in calming her nerves, especially because she was nervous about the unity candle not staying lit due to it being windy outside. He spoke very gently and assured her that everything would be okay. If they couldn’t get the candle lit, he would usher them into the next portion of the ceremony. Then, he said that after the ceremony, he would conduct the unity candle ceremony inside for them privately if they preffered. It was very, very impressive how kind and gentle he was in accommodating her needs.

For my brides: if you’ve ever hesitated in thinking about getting a professional officiant, meaning one that does several weddings, I’d suggest, hands down, that you do it. There is a HUGE difference in using someone who has the experience and kindness than one who is a friend. It definately is worth the $$!

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