If you’re at that point in the planning process when you need to decide how you’ll be displaying your seating arrangements, keep reading! You don’t need to assign guests to a specific seat, though we can’t stress enough how important it is to assign your guests to a specific table. So how should you go about doing this: with a seating chart or escort cards? While there is no right or wrong way, we have included some factors to consider below for both options to help you make your decision.

Seating Chart
One way to let your guests know their seating assignments is with a decorative seating chart. We recommend organizing names alphabetically, and not by table (guests will search for their names first, so arranging them in alphabetical order will expedite the process). There are many creative ways in which this can be displayed to complement the rest of your wedding day decor, from a calligraphied mirror, wooden board, acrylic sheet, or to a classic printed chart in an elegant frame. Keep in mind that if your guests have pre-selected choice entrees, you will also need to provide place cards at each place setting (in addition to the seating chart) with some sort of easily identifiable symbol to communicate your guests’ selections to the catering staff.

Escort Cards
Another way to communicate your seating assignments is with escort cards. These can be printed on classic tent cards, but there really are an endless amount of ways these can be displayed. If your wedding is less formal and you would rather assign guests to a table and not a specific seat, you can include entree symbols (if applicable) on a single set of escort cards for guests to take with them to their seats—one less step! And as an added bonus, these can be a keepsake your guests can take home, or you may decide to combine your escort cards with your wedding favors or attach them to celebratory glasses of champagne.

Whichever route you decide to go, make sure to keep your location in mind. If outdoors, a seating chart will need to be somehow anchored to an easel and then weighted with sand bags (or be heavy enough if leaning against something), so that there is no fear of your seating chart blowing away. Escort cards will also need to be weighted/anchored down so they are not being picked up by the breeze.

We know all of the seating display options out there can be overwhelming! Which is why we love to help brides narrow down their options and create custom stationery and designs to fit their own personal wedding style, as well as suit their needs. To see more of our Agape Planning custom stationery or to contact us for a complimentary consultation, visit our Stationery page or call us at (949) 457-0412. You can also check out our Pinterest boards for more seating display inspiration!

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