Calling all Insta brides! Many couples are encouraging their guests to use a custom wedding hashtag when posting photos of the wedding day on social media. This is an easy way for you to track and keep all of those photos in one convenient place. Typically the hashtag is a play on the couple’s names within a catchy phrase. If you’re at a loss for what you’re hashtag should be, we’re here to give you some tips! But, keep in mind: at the end of the day, don’t worry about how unique and clever your wedding hashtag is—it’s about remembering your special day with all of those captured memories!

Tip #1: Think beyond your first names 

Not to say that you shouldn’t use your first names, but you are less likely to find someone with your same wedding hashtag when using a nickname, your last names, or some version of your names.

Tip #2: Create a hashtag based on your personalities

Depending on your wedding and personalities, you might choose a wedding hashtag that is simple, functional, and to the point, or you might go for something creative and witty with a little bit of humor. Make sure it reflects you and your wedding style.

Tip #3: Have a brainstorming sesh

Make sure to sit down with your fiancé and put your heads together on this one! This can be a fun activity for the two of you as part of the planning process. You might also consider opening it up to other witty, phrase-savvy friends and family and make it a group activity over a bottle of wine!

Tip #4: Look online for inspiration 

If additional inspiration is needed, there are a lot of great websites that list the top wedding hashtags to help you create your own, as well as hashtag generators where you can put in your names and wedding date and the site will create numerous hashtag combinations and possibilities.

Tip #5: Write it out

A wedding hashtag might sound great in your head but visually not look so great on paper, so we suggest writing it out. We also recommend capitalizing the first letter of each word, so it’s easy to read for your guests and avoids easy misspellings.

Tip #6: Check to make sure it doesn’t exist

To make sure your hashtag is unique, check social media to see if yours has already been taken. If you find out that someone else is also using your hashtag and your wedding day is quickly approaching, don’t worry about changing it. Chances are the other couple’s wedding date is not the same as yours, so your pictures should still be easy to find.  

Photo Credit:
Jenna Bechtholt Photography


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