I began working with Stephanie and Mark about one month prior to their wedding. Bless their hearts, they contacted me in a panic as they had hired another coordinator who stopped returning their calls and left them COMPLETELY hanging. Literally… Stephanie and Mark had decided several months prior that getting married at Crystal Cove State Beach was the place for them. Well, because the exact place in Crystal Cove they wanted to get married in happened to be in the historical district (you know the one… the cottages right on the beach that are owned by the state and are EXTREMELY difficult to rent… the move “Beaches” was filmed at one of the cottages…) they are very particular as to how you actually get a permit to have a wedding on their beach. There is a ton of paperwork that needs to be submited, along with copies of all your vender contracts to secure the permit itself. Wow… lots of work, but in my opinion, soooooo well worth it! (great location find, Steph!)….

Anyway, this Other coordinator was supposed to line up all their venders, complete the paperwork, and be there the day of the wedding. Well it was countdown time, and this Other coordinator had NOTHING done for them. Therefore, Mark had contacted me originally slightly panicked and within a week of them booking me, we had all their venders lined up for the ceremony (I totally called in the troops for this one). With the permit secured, we tretched our way forward and made all the final preparations happen.

I didn’t get to meet Mark and Stephanie in person until a few days before the wedding, as they lived out of state in Arizona. So two days before the wedding, we met at the beach, did a walk-through, went to the reception venue for that walk-through, had the rehearsal the day before the wedding (at downtown Disney I might add because all the family and friends were there having a great time…), and then I showed up bright and early the day of the wedding ready for action!

It was so much fun arriving in flip flops and comfy clothes to oversee the installation of the rentals, by non other than Classic Party Rentals, and floral design by Sharon at Blue Rose Designs… The family and friends arrived on site a few hours later and were greated at the shuttle stop by the sweet Mother of the Bride, Kathy, and the Bride’s brother and sister-in-law, with sand buckets, flip flops, water bottles and some munchie candies… Sweet thought, wasn’t that!?!?!?

After guests made their way down to the beach and to the end of Cottage 13, their eyes were truly set a-glow as they were engaged at seeing a beautiful wedding ceremony space set up near the reefs, on the sand, and literally a stones throw away from the crashing ocean. Breathtaking scenery it truly was!

Thanks Mark & Steph for blessing me with the opportunity to serve both of you on your special day. Many, many blessings to both of you!!!!

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