Seriously its a great idea to try to incorporate in your wedding or special event something fun, and quite memorable, for your guests to enjoy and remember long after your party has come and gone. At one of my recent weddings, a bride of mine decided to go with a photo booth for her guests to enjoy. The company she found was fantastic! And their product, GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised, and impressed as I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

What I loved about their photo booth as that as guests “jumped in” to have their picture taken, if you were standing outside the photobooth, you were able to enjoy seeing their pictures as well. The camera took 4 pictures, and then printed two copies out… one for the guest, and one for the Bride & Groom. The guets then took the Bride & Groom’s copy and made a scrap booking page with the photo, commentary and other fun decoration items. The photo booth company then took all these pages and made a “guest book” for the Bride & Groom to laugh at and remember in the years to come. They also provided some great “dress up” clothes from boas, crazy hats, and other fun items like a ball and chain…

The Bride and Groom even made several appearances in the photoboth with their guests as it was available all night long for all of them to enjoy. What a fabulous idea and one that you should consider if it fits in your budget…. I even jumped in and made a few pics for my Bride & Groom to laugh at and think, “what a crazy wedding coordinator they had!”

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