Wow, it’s amazing to me how fast technology changes and how resistant I can be to that change. It seems like just yesterday that “email” was the new thing and “surfing the web” was only something college students did to research info for their papers and classes. But I have to say that I’m not that far behind in the game compared to others… In fact, my mom (bless her heart) was here this past week visiting and was amazed that I could email her a link to WalMart so that she could order photos I’ve posted there… So at least I’m more advanced than some people (sorry, Mom!).

So until now, I’ve been a blogging virgin (not that I haven’t read other people’s blogs, but I had never gotten into the whole “craze” of it or really understood it)…. I know, I know… you are probably thinking, ITS ABOUT TIME, ASH!!! While that is a true and quite valid statement, it’s one I’ve resisted until now.

So who do I give mucho KUDOS to for FINALLY getting me into the blogging world… my friend, the famous wedding photograhper Becker (aka The Becker or [B])… We hung out for a bit earlier this week and he filled my brain with tons and tons of ideas on how to grow my business and keep ahead of the pack. I left our chat-fest feeling full of energy, hecka impressed by him, and the realization that growing my business and having a personal life was possible. So….. “You Rock Becker!!!” Thanks for getting my butt into gear and being such a blessing to me…

Well Gotta Jet… ’til next time folks!


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