Getting ready for the big day is a cherished part of the wedding celebration. These photos are an important part of the storytelling process and capture the joy, excitement, and raw emotions of the day. While you want these moments to be authentic and spontaneous, some details require some planning and thought. Read on below for our must-know tips of what you can do to ensure your getting ready photos are everything you’ve dreamed of!

Select a getting ready location that has plenty of light and space. A room that has lots of windows with soft, natural light coming in through the windows makes everyone and everything look absolutely gorgeous. A spacious area is ideal so everyone can spread out and relax and keep the room from getting too cluttered.

Create a fun, stress-free environment for you and your besties. Matching robes make great bridesmaid gifts, but you can also look into alternative outfits such as stylish rompers, pretty pj’s, or oversized shirts with fun quotes — anything coordinated makes for cute insta-worthy photos! Cue your wedding day playlist that you put together and sip on a glass or two of champagne as you get ready to keep the mood light and ease any wedding nerves (personalized champagne glasses for your gals add a nice touch!). Yummy treats start the day off right and can be displayed in a pretty way for those oh-so-cute getting ready photos.

Consider all of the pretty, pretty details and set them all in one area. This includes your shoes and accessories, but consider other little details such as a personalized hanger for your gown, a bottle of perfume, vow books, your invitation suite (and any other paper items) along with ribbon or blooms to embellish, etc. Setting them all in one area for your photographers to stage when they arrive just makes things easier and gives them time to do their work, without having to hunt these items down. Feel free to let your photographer in on your creative vision and any particular shots you are dreaming about, but also trust the pros!

Keep the room nice and tidy. Nothing is worse than a photographer showing up to a room that is already trashed! They will spend valuable time straightening up rather than spending that time getting the shots you want. Throw away any trash and tuck away anything you don’t want to be in the background of your getting ready photos.

Remember the guys! The groom’s getting ready photos are often forgotten about, but they add to the storytelling as well. Consider a bonding activity for the groom and groomsmen prior to getting ready, such as a hot shave at a barber shop, a golf outing, or shooting pool. We recommend the groomsmen to be fully dressed when the photographer arrives, and the groom to be mostly dressed in pants and an unbuttoned shirt. The photographer can then get detail shots of the groom tying his tie, putting on his watch, cufflinks, and shoes.

Be in the moment. Most importantly, have fun on the day, smile, and soak in every moment. Forget the photographers are there, laugh, and enjoy the time with your loved ones as you prepare to marry the love of your life!

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