It is truly an HONOR to be a Maid or Matron of Honor. As the bride’s confidant, you play a very important part in the planning process, pre-wedding events, and the wedding day itself! To help you navigate through this role, we have put together a Maid of Honor Guide with the most crucial MOH duties. Read on below!

Be her sounding board and helping hand.
The bride will need someone to bounce ideas off with, from choosing linens to bridesmaid dresses to cake flavors to centerpieces. Or she may need help assembling invitations and wedding favors. Whatever the task may be, it is crucial to be that person she can trust and come to for advice and help!

Offer to accompany the bride to wedding appointments.
If the bride doesn’t ask you to attend certain appointments, there is no need to insist on going but it is definitely nice to offer your help and accompany her whenever possible. This includes wedding dress shopping and fittings, as well as appointments to select her florals, event decor, and rentals.

Lead the pack.
Not only does the maid of honor assist the bride with choosing bridesmaid dresses, but you also make sure the bridesmaids have ordered and received their dresses and accessories in a timely manner, as well as confirming all hair and makeup appointments in necessary. You are also the point person for any questions the bridesmaids may have. This also carries over into the day-of, making sure everyone stays on schedule.

Host or co-host the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
Hosting or co-hosting one of the bridal showers is not set in stone, as sometimes the mom or a family member will want to take this on. If that is the case, definitely still offer to help set things up, decorate, and keep record of gifts received. Planning the bachelorette party is something you can work on with the other bridesmaids. Whether it is a destination bachelorette party or something local, keep the bride’s personality and likes in mind to make it a truly memorable event for the bride and her besties!

Be the bride’s right-hand woman.
On the day of the wedding, the maid of honor will help the bride organize all her details (shoes, jewelry, rings, veil, etc.) so they are ready to go when the photographer arrives. Also be available to help the bride get dressed (and even use the restroom, as this can be tricky once the dress is on!). You will be the one to deliver the bride and groom’s gifts for one another, andĀ assist with making sure the bride and groom don’t cross paths before their first look or ceremony. Be within arms reach that day should the bride need anything—a tissue, a bobby pin, or a glass of champagne. In addition, you should also exchange contact info with the wedding coordinator should you or the bride have any questions. During the ceremony you will be holding the bride’s bouquet and making sure her train is fluffed, and then later before the reception, help the bride bustle her dress and touch up her makeup if needed.

Make sure the bride eats.
This may seem unnecessary to point out, but the bride will often forget to eat from all the excitement and if everyone else is preoccupied, this may get overlooked—and that is never a good thing! Pack the bride’s favorite snacks and some water bottles to make sure the bride keeps her energy up and stays hydrated throughout the day.

Help the bride stay calm.
The planning and wedding day itself can be very stressful for the bride, so be that calming presence. Let her vent if she needs to, and be there to listen, reassure her, and give advice. The MOH helps sets the mood for the getting ready process on the wedding day, so if there is any conflict between the bridesmaids or if things do not go exactly accordingly to plan, encourage the bride that she is marrying the man of her dreams and that she looks absolutely beautiful! Put together a playlist of the bride’s favorite songs as the girls are getting ready to keep the mood light and funĀ (or keep it peaceful and quiet, if the bride prefers!).

Give a killer speech at the wedding.
The MOH speech is typically on the shorter side, but should be sweet, personal and heartfelt!

Get the party started!
If the dance floor is empty, encourage guests by getting out there and setting an example.

It’s important to know the duties and responsibilities that come along with being a maid of honor (to help guide you and to know what you’ve signed up for), but most of all, ENJOY this special time with your best gal. It is something she can’t do without you!

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