Sometimes I seriously wonder where my brain has been! I was downloading pictures today off my camera and realized that I didn’t Blog about my last event at the Marconi Automotive Museum that happened last month. Sadness, because it truly was a FANTASTIC EVENT!

The client, Chris, was hosting a dinner event to bring the tradeshow/seminar his industry was hosting to a fantastic end. And wow, did he end it with a bang. About 75 guests showed up on buses from a long day at the convention center. You could tell they were tired, but ready to PARTY! And, throw a few tasty drinks back to relax a little. What better place to do that, then the Marconi.

They toured the Marconi’s extensive car collection, and enjoyed collaborating and discussing the week’s happenings from the show. It was great to see “deals being sealed” while guests stood next to some of the most amazing, goregous cars you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

When it was time to eat, White House Catering (one of my favorites) served guests some tasty cuisine and “wowed” them with their exquisite ability to show off yummy food. The guests were in awe of the presentation, satisfied with the professional service, and left with their bellies full of this fine dining. It was truly a fantastic evening.

And, it got me to thinking, how I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this venue to all of my brides and grooms as a unique option for a rehearsal dinner. They even have some great packages set up that includes the facility and all food and beverages… Call Marianne Danielson, at the Marconi, so she can hook you up with not only a deal of a lifetime, but a great memory for all your guests…

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