It can be extremely challenging (overwhelming even) to make wedding-related decisions and then stick to them, especially with the endless amount of wedding ideas at our fingertips. To help simplify your wedding-related decisions, and shorten your decision making time considerably, we have included our best tips for you below!

Budget Matters
When making decisions on venues, vendors, decor, and other wedding-related ideas, it is best to figure out exactly how much you have in the budget for that item beforehand. You can always adjust the budgeted amount if another item ends up coming in lower, but it is always good to have a starting off point. Once you do the initial research to find out pricing, you will find out which vendors are within your budget, which will quickly help you narrow down your options. Make sure to factor in the extras, such as service charge, sales tax, delivery fees, etc.

Find a Connection
If you have a few vendors you like who are coming in at similar price points, select the vendor who you have the most connection with personality wise. You will likely be interacting with this vendor for several months, so make sure you enjoy working with them.

Seek Out Vendors Who Elevate Your Vision
Look for a vendor who not only understands your vision, but can also elevate it and bring fresh ideas to the table to make your special day unique, fun, and memorable!

Rely on Your Planner’s Expertise 
One of the benefits of having a planner is their expertise, which eliminates hours of research when it comes to vendor selection. Ask your planner to send you a list of recommended vendors ranked in the order your planner thinks is best suited for your vision and budget. 

Social Media in Moderation 
The amount of wedding inspiration on social media is extensive, and it can be so easy to get caught up in all of the ideas out there and become almost paralyzed in making a decision. Your planner can help you create a design board and narrow down vendors, so that you don’t continue to browse social media images for months on end. Too much browsing can confuse you with the options you are currently considering, making it difficult to move forward with your decisions.

To make the decision making process even easier, we have created a Full Planning service for brides called the Dream Wedding Planning Collection. Our goal is to help simplify as much of this vendor searching process as we can for our clients. Check it out HERE! We look forward to helping you get started!

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