Your First Dance. You’ve probably imagined this moment since you were a little girl. Some couples may even have a song they call their own before they get engaged, but some couples don’t—and that’s ok! You’re not alone. Selecting your first dance song is an important part of the planning process as it not only defines your first moments as a newlywed couple, but it will also bring back memories of that cherished day for the rest of your lives. Read on below for our tips on how to go about selecting that perfect song for your first dance!

Pick a Style
With thousands of wedding-worthy songs out there, picking a style will help narrow down the list of songs you’re listening to, making your job less overwhelming. The style entails the type of genre, as well as whether the song is traditional or contemporary. This could be a challenge if you and your significant other have different tastes in music, but try to find some common ground. If you both keep an open mind, you may even find that you like a song outside of the usual style you gravitate towards. Traditional songs are classic and timeless, but for those who want something out of the box and less overused, something contemporary might be more meaningful.

Consider Songs with Sentimental Value
You may not have a certain song that’s “yours”, but think about songs you may have heard over the course of your relationship. There may be a song you heard on your first date or one that reminds you of a memorable vacation together. Selecting a song with memories attached will make your first dance instantly┬ámeaningful.

Choose a Song that Strikes a Chord
Give some thought to what defines and speaks to you as a couple. Perhaps you started out as friends, or you endured long distance for much of your relationship, or maybe it was love at first sight. Then, research lyrics of songs that strike a chord with you and tell your particular love story. You will find that doing this will personalize your first dance as if the song was written for you.

Consult with Your Band or DJ
Before selecting your song, consult with your band or DJ to make sure they can play the specific version of the song you have in mind. If you would like the band to perform your song live, make sure the band knows how to perform this song already or is willing to learn the song for you.

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