If you’re trying to decide on wedding favors but are coming up with a blank, you’re not alone! It can be challenging to think of favors that are unique, thoughtful, representative of your personalities, and something that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Which is why we have compiled our thoughts on what to consider when deciding on favors. For more details, read on below!

How much to spend on favors
Some couples might place a higher value on favors than others, so there really is no “right” dollar amount to spend. It depends on how important they are to enhancing your wedding decor, how much you have available in your budget, how many guests you have, and what you might need to sacrifice in order to have the favors you’re envisioning. On average though, couples typically spend $2-$3 per piece but they could also be upward to $5 per piece. Before committing to a favor, we recommend considering all of the associated costs to make sure they fit within your overall budget (shipping costs, packaging, personalized labels, etc.).

How many favors to purchase 
Do you need to purchase a favor for everyone? Technically no, some couples might do something just for the ladies (like pashminas), but it is a very nice gesture to include a favor for everyone. Favors are a way of thanking your guests for attending your wedding or for making the trip (for out-of-towners).

How to decide on the type of favor
First and foremost, consider a favor that your guests are sure to love and enjoy (this is a thank you gift after all, and you don’t want them to go to waste!). The best kind of favors, in our opinion, are ones that your guests can eat or drink. Think artisan chocolates, macarons, warm cookies and ice cold milk, freshly made donuts, local confections, jars of jams/honeys, olive oils, chilled mini Champagne bottles, Limoncello…(you can’t go wrong with anything alcohol related!). You can also consider local favorites, or items that complement the season (hand-wrapped peppermint bark for a December wedding are darling).

Favors that guests are likely to leave behind are CDs of your favorite playlist, items that are difficult to transport, and anything that feels like tchotchkes (picture frames with you inside, wine glasses or coasters with your names on them, bottle stoppers…you get the idea).

Once you decide on a favor, think about how you would like to personalize and package them. Homemade items leave a thoughtful impression with your guests, such as homemade cookies with a family member’s recipe attached. We love these bags of homemade granola (pictured above) with a personalized note from the bride and groom. The packaging itself can become a beautiful part of your wedding reception design, or an elaborate backdrop with a table of your favors can also enhance your wedding decor while enticing your guests.

Photographer – Red Barn | Contact: intheredbarn@gmail.com

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