Your wedding shoes are one of the most important wedding accessories you will wear on your wedding day. Not only will you likely wear them for the duration of your ceremony and reception, they also reflect your style and personality. It is no easy task narrowing down the perfect pair, which is why we have put together a list of essentials to consider while shopping for your dream wedding shoes. Happy wedding shoes shopping!

But First, Your Wedding Dress. Before you go running out to buy that fabulous pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, make sure you find your dress first. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see what’s out there and narrow in on a few styles, but your dress—the length, the fabric, and the style—will determine the type of shoes you buy. If you have a shorter length dress, you can opt for a statement shoe with a fun design or a pop of color. For longer gowns, your shoes won’t be as visible but you will still want to choose a shoe style that complements your dress in a sensational way, makes you feel bridal and special, and photographs beautifully. Keep in mind that you will want to bring your wedding shoes with you to dress fitting and alteration appointments, to ensure your dress length is altered to perfection!

Consider the Venue. When looking for the perfect wedding shoes, be sure to consider the location where your ceremony and reception will take place. If you are having an outdoor wedding, or if you know you will be climbing stairs at some point, a skinny heel may not your best option. If your wedding is taking place on an outdoor lawn, however, and you just can’t pass up on a pair of to-die-for stilettos, definitely consider heel protectors to prevent your heels from sinking into the grass.

Comfort is Key. If a pair of shoes are at all uncomfortable when you first try them on, they’ll be even less comfortable after standing in them for hours on your wedding day! There are so many great options out there that you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. If you are confident and comfortable in stilettos and your venue is conducive for that, go for it! If you are more of a sneakers and sandals gal but love the idea of a heel on your wedding, consider a lower shoe height for your wedding. Your big day is not the time to test out a new heel height, since all eyes will be on you. A low heel option will still give you the experience of a heel while still being comfortable!

Test Them Out at Home. To truly test out the comfort of your shoes, try wearing them around the house for an hour or two on a clean, carpeted surface indoors (in case you need to return them). This will give you a better indication of the level of comfort they provide. 

Consider a Second Pair. For those who have their hearts set on a pair of shoes that are stunning but not exactly conducive for dancing the night away, consider changing for the reception! There are many flats/wedges/sandal options out there that are absolutely lovely and chic. Also, this is your special day, so you have every reason to splurge on that second pair!


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