Every now and then I get the opportunity to work with a corporate client, other than Brides & Grooms, doing dinners and planning shindigs for them. I have to say, it is quite fun and challenging in many different ways from working on weddings. For example, at a wedding, the Bride & Groom are the most important people and therefore much of your attention is directed towards meeting their needs, whereas usually at a corporate event there could be up to a dozen “clients” who planned the party. It is much more difficult to please consistently a dozen or so people vs. two.

Well last night I lucked out. I worked for a sweet, southern gal named Michelle who was the event concierge for a telecommunications tradeshow that happened earlier this week/weekend in Long Beach. Michelle planned all of the activities for this group to do outside of their tradeshow meetings and semindars. The culmination of the long show ended last night at the Richard Nixon Library. Guests arrived via bus (9 of them all full) around 6:30pm and enjoyed cocktails and hors d’ eouvres served by none other than the fabulous White House Catering.

I am conistently impressed with how beautiful the East Room is at the Richard Nixon Library. It really is stunning to say the least. And even without centerpieces, uplighting and all the other decor I’ve seen in the East Room before, the room last night simply was stunning and all the guests noticed too. Many of them had never seen the Library before and thus enjoyed all the exhibits and the classiness of all there was to see and do.

At the end of the evening, I stood in the hallway saying goodbye to all of the guests as the sauntered out to get on their designated buses and was pleased to hear so many “thank you’s,” “what a fabulous evening,” and “the food was delicious” that it made my heart warm. A truly great evening it was!

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