Over the past several months, a handful of my clients have been interested in having a candy station at their wedding. However, once they have looked into the logistics of putting one together, or paying a company to do it, things just haven’t added up. That got me to thinking about how I could possibly help my Brides provide this for their guests to enjoy all evening long and this is what I’ve come up with…

1. Candy – candy itself is expensive. I guess I never realized how expensive until I started researching it. The really good stuff, that guests LOVE, can start anywhere from $8/lb of candy, with most candy ranging from $5-$10/lb, depending on the uniqueness of it and whether it has nuts, chocolate, or other yummys in it. It also is important to have candy within one color scheme (for instance, the bride of mine below used reds, pinks and whites, which flowed really nicely..)

2. Quantity – this is what is hard to know. But from experience, you can bank on your guests eating/taking with them anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 pound, per person. So having enough candy is key.

3. Packaging – this can add up too, depending on what containers you’d like your guests to have. I’ve seen anything from plastic baggies (you know the nice ones, not the ziplock ones) to tins to small to-go boxes, like the Chinese to-go boxes (my personal favorite)… Brides can even customize them with cute stickers and such.. a nice added touch.

4. Jars – here is what is key, in my opinion to creating a beautiful display. I mean, after all, “presentation is everything.” You could be serving something as simple as blue M&M’s and as long as it is in a beautiful jar, guests will literally “eat them up!”

So my thought after all this has been to offer “Sweet Treat Candy Stations” to my brides at an affordable price of $4.95/person. I know this actually sounds like a lot, but after researching what other company’s charge ($6.95/person on up), this price is actually great… Here’s what my package includes:

Variety of 12 Candies in Your Color Scheme

Old Fashioned Glass Candy Jars & Scoopers

Personalized Embellishments on Jars

Customized To-Go Pint-Size Boxes for Your Guests

Not bad! Here are some pics of what it will look like…

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