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Wedding veils are like the shoes to a great outfit- they can transform your look from great to amazing and they are unique as the bride and her gown. There are many different styles to choose from, so how do you possibly select the right wedding veil for yourself? Below are a few tips to get you started on finding your perfect veil!

Choose your wedding dress style first. You don’t want to pick a wedding veil that doesn’t go with the style of your dress. Nail down what style of dress you want, then choose your veil. As a guide, your veil should accentuate your dress. You wouldn’t want a veil as long as your dress; it should be proportionate to your dress. For busier dresses, find a veil that is simple and clean. For dresses that are simple, try a veil that has detail such as floral designs or embroidery. Cathedral length veils tend to work well with both tall and short women. If your dress doesn’t work with a traditional veil, you could try a birdcage veil. This will give you an elegant retro 50’s look-which surprisingly has become increasingly popular.

Know what type of hairstyle you want. This is important when selecting your wedding veil because you wouldn’t want a veil that requires your hair to be up while you’re wanting your hair to be down. We recommend consulting with your hair stylist about what types of veils will work with the hair style you’re wanting at your wedding. Some people will even take their veils to their hair dresser to have them try different hairstyles that can work with their veil.

Your wedding veil should match your venue. Don’t forget to take into consideration your wedding venue as this should be a factor when selecting your wedding veil. For example, if you have a beach wedding, it might be windy. If you are having a wedding at a church you might want to go with a classic wedding veil that is U-shaped with a blusher. For more tips on selecting your wedding veil, check out our other blog on this topic here

For more tips on selecting your wedding veil, check out our other blog on this topic here

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