Planning a wedding during a pandemic is probably something you never thought you’d cross off your bucket list. The Covid-19 pandemic has left us with many challenges we never had to navigate through before. Thankfully, you’re not alone in the struggle and we have learned some tips along the way we think are worth sharing with you. 

Be flexible with your guest count. Understand that it is wise to initially plan for the 200 guests you’d like to invite, but also be ready to decrease your guest count should certain county/state restrictions be in place limiting the number of large group gatherings.

Be prepared. We don’t know when state restrictions will be forced so it is best to get ahead and plan for the worst, if it happens. Build into your contract with every venue the opportunity to postpone your event, should you need to, one time without penalty.

Make it easy for your guests to communicate with you. Your guests will probably have lots of questions for you. One way to make this easy is to set up a FAQ or blurb on your couples wedding website where many of there questions can be found and easily answered. Make sure you update the blurb if you have to reschedule your wedding or venue at any point.

Get creative. If you don’t want to wait or postpone your wedding, there are many things you can do to still create a beautiful wedding without compromising safety protocols. Try digital invites, provide small hand sanitizer favors for guests, and outdoor venue options will help your guests feel comfortable.

We have helped many brides create a stunning and breath-taking wedding during the covid-19 pandemic and your’s is no exception! 

Click here to view our services and wedding packages. Enjoy a few of our lovely weddings planned during 2020:

Newport Beach Country Club- Allison and Jeremy

Newport Beach Country Club – Stephanie and Bryce 

The Resort at Pelican Hill- Christy and Patrick  

PHOTOGRAPHY | Braedon Photography 

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