Every bride wants her moment in the spotlight, and there is nothing worse than having a wedding guest walk down the center aisle and shift the aisle petal design, knock over florals, or dirty an aisle runner. Typically, your wedding florist will provide a simple ribbon to tie to the chairs at the back of the aisle, but why not add a unique detail to your wedding by creating a special sign? Here are a few of our favorite ways that our brides have tied off their aisle over the past few months…wooden aisle tie~We met with Anne & Joe for a design consultation and showed them this special sign. They took on this awesome DIY project and created this special sign for their wedding at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott.KatyChrisWED_0479k-2399850499-O~Katy & Chris’ Sign for their Wedding at the Richard Nixon Library. Photo Credit – Kaysha Weiner PhotographerLove Aisle Tie~”Love” Aisle Tie for Kelly & Darren’s Wedding at the Richard Nixon Library. They created this sign by tying the letters through fishing wire so they hung without a ribbon.

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