We get a lot of questions from our clients about whether or not they should end their special day with a sendoff. We think that every Bride and Groom deserves a fantastic sendoff to end their special day. There are so many different options from bubbles to sparklers to poppers. Here are a few questions to consider when determining the sendoff that will best fit your wedding style:

1. Will your sendoff take place in daylight or in the dark?

If you are going to be leaving during the daylight hours, then you may want to consider bubbles or poppers to ensure your photographer can catch the moment…

16_sendoff~Photo Credit Gavin PhotographySt. Regis Monarch Beach Wedding Ceremony and Bridal Portrait Pho~Photo credit Henry Wang Photography

If you are leaving in the evening, we recommend sparklers, glow sticks, or poppers.Harrison (40)~Photo credit Lin & Jirsa Photography1593-2484646182-O~Photo credit Becker Photography

2. Does your venue have any restrictions on the types of sendoffs they allow? Some venues do not allow fire or confetti, so make sure to check your contract prior to purchasing your sendoff items.

3. What have you envisioned your sendoff to look like? Some clients want a grand exit, while others want to quietly slip away. Make sure to choose the option that best suites you as a couple.

Regardless of the sendoff item you choose, remember that your sendoff is the last moment the two of you will share on your wedding day. We will leave you with two pieces of advice, walk slow and always stop for a kiss in the middle.

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