One of my favorite things to do is visit new wedding sites for my clients. I LOVE checking them out and getting all the details — from pricing and capacity to added benefits and features. It is especially nice when the venue holds an Open House for planners to preview the property and be “wined and dined,” one of many perks to my job.

Last week, I previewed a local wedding chateau based here in the OC. Wow, it was lovely! The property is nestled back in the foothills, in a private canyon. The owners even started their own private label vineyard, which surrounds the chateau on all sides. The views are amazing and you feel quite removed from the hustle and bustle we usually can’t avoid in the OC.

This wedding Chateau is large enough to hold around 175 guests for a lovely, intimate ceremony followed by cocktails amidst the backdrop of the vineyard, and the evening would continue with dinner and dancing on the lawn as the moon and stars glow in the sky above. Yes, I did say “stars”, which I know are hard to see from pretty much everywhere in the OC. There is also a private little bungalow for the bride to get ready in, and a lounge for the groomsmen to kick up their heels before the wedding. They thought of all the details!

I hope to use this Chateau this year for a wedding or function, and although their prices are a bit steep, it would really create an intimate, memorable wedding that everyone, including the guests, would never forget… Dreaming to begin!….

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