As you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to give thoughtful consideration as to how you can honor your parents on your wedding day. It’s a beautiful thing to show appreciation to the people who played a major role, in a lot of ways, in making you who you are today. Check out our favorite ideas below on what you can do to show just how special your parents are to you!

Carry Them With You
Incorporating something that belonged to your parents in your wedding attire or as a part of your accessories is a beautiful way to honor your parents. Consider using lace or fabric from your mother’s wedding dress to wrap around your bouquet or to embellish your own dress. You can let your mom know how much you would love to wear the earrings she wore on her own wedding day, or a special piece of jewelry that reminds you of her. To include your dad on this, we love the idea of stitching a heart shaped piece of one of dad’s old shirts into your wedding dress. Photo charms of your parents are also a lovely addition to tie to your bouquet.

Special Gifts
Personalized cufflinks for dad (engraved with “Father of the Bride”), personalized embroidered handkerchiefs with a sweet sentiment, a meaningful piece of jewelry for mom such as a locket or charm bracelet with a childhood picture of you, a monogrammed tie for dad with the words “Dad, I loved you first”, or a “Mother of the Bride” robe for mom to wear as you get ready together. These are all beautiful keepsake items your parents are sure to cherish forever.¬†

First Look 
A “first look” with the bridal party or between the bride and groom are very special, but photos of a mom and dad seeing their daughter for the first time on her wedding day is beyond priceless. Make sure to tell your photographer and wedding planner or coordinator in advance so they can incorporate these cherished moments into your wedding timeline.

Remembering Your Deceased Love One
If you have lost a parent, a lovely way to honor them is by laying a flower on an empty seat in the front row next to your mom or dad. If you are doing programs, you can include a special sentiment about your loved one who has passed but is forever in your heart. You can also include details that remind you of them or that you know they’d get a kick out of, such as playing that parent’s favorite song during the processional, or baking your loved one’s favorite dessert for the reception with one of their recipes. Think about the things this beloved parent loved most and find a way to incorporate some of these elements into your day as a way to remember them in a joyous way.

Generations of Love Table
There is nothing sweeter than incorporating a Generations of Love table at your wedding. You can display wedding photos of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents as a reminder of what years of true love looks like.

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