The morning of the wedding should be a fun and relaxing time for the bride-to-be as she gets ready with her besties. It is a very busy time, however, and nerves are at an all time high, so there are certain things you can avoid doing as a bridesmaid that cause the bride additional stress. Read on below to make sure you’re helping the bride stay calm on the big day!

Bombarding the bride with details of the day. Be mindful not to ask the bride too many questions about the timeline and flow of the day (or any emergencies that may come up). Rather, stick to the timeline that has been put together and direct any questions or needs toward the planner or coordinator. Remember, however, that the planner and her team are very busy implementing and coordinating the details of the day and will assist you as soon as they are able.

Bringing in food and drinks for the bridal suite without consulting the bride. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the bride about refreshments for the morning of and to offer bringing something in for the group. Just make sure to check with the bride first before taking it upon yourself to bring in surprise nibbles and libations. She may have already made arrangements. Also keep in mind that if you do bring in something small for yourself for personal reasons, make sure it is nothing that will fill the entire suite with its aroma.

Overindulging on mimosas. This doesn’t need much explanation, other than the fact that no bride wants to worry about their bridesmaids not making it down the aisle!

Inviting kiddos into the bridal suite. If you’re a mama bridesmaid, the bride undoubtedly loves your little ones (as well as any kids in her bridal party), but don’t assume she’s cool with having them run around the suite while she’s getting ready.

Letting in uninvited guests. This is a continuation of our last point, but make sure you know who the bride is okay with having in her bridal suite while getting ready. This is a very special and personal time and the bride should have only her nearest and dearest around her. If any uninvited family members or guests try to come into the bridal suite, protect the bride by politely letting those guests know that this space is private.

Not picking up on the bride’s cues. Be available to the bride and pay attention to her body language. You should be able to see if she’s nervous, uneasy about her hair and makeup, or just plain stressed out. Be there for her, reassure her, and remind her that she is marrying the love of her life and best friend. Helping her keep perspective will ease any stress or pre-wedding jitters. Do everything in your power to keep the mood in the bridal suite light, calm, and fun!

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