Your bridal bouquet should be one of your most important accessories, just like the perfect pair of shoes, jewelry and veil. It should also be the loveliest bouquet you have ever held in your life—this is your wedding day, after all! So what type of bouquet fits your personality and wedding style? We have included a few different shapes and styles to consider below when designing your perfect bridal bouquet!

This classic style is all about the shape! Best achieved with peonies or roses, round bouquets are formed into a precise, perfect shaped dome.

Make a dramatic, stylistic impact with a cascading bouquet. Draping greenery or orchids work well to achieve this “waterfall” affect.

A loose and freer style, the hand-tied bouquet has a lot of movement and includes an assortment of flowers and textured greenery for a “fresh picked” look. This bouquet is hand-tied with ribbon or fabric.

The crescent bouquet has a shape just like its name—a fuller center with sides that extend outward or curve slightly downward.

When trying to decide on your bouquet style, we highly recommend consulting with the pros (your florist!). They can give you inspiration and guide you based on your wedding style. If possible, we also suggest investing in a sample prior to the big day to ensure your bouquet is exactly as you envision it!

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