Choosing the Planning Collection that is right for you is as easy as 1-2-3!

The Dream Wedding Planning Collection
For couples who want expert planning and design throughout their entire engagement.

This full planning collection is an investment not only in your special day, but in your peace of mind. With over a decade of planning experience, our expert planner is ready to assist you every step of the way — from identifying the venue that is perfect for you and selecting your wedding vendor team, to designing the dream wedding that will surpass all your expectations. We will plan your day from start to finish and create a planning timeline, your wedding budget, and design detail plan to keep everything completely on track.

The We’re Getting Married Collection
For couples who have their perfect wedding venue selected and need planning and design services to guide them through the rest of their engagement.

This partial planning collection is the perfect fit for couples who desire to invest in an expert planner to line up their wedding vendor team, as well as inspire details throughout the design portion of the planning process. We will plan your wedding from the beginning — with a detailed planning timeline, custom wedding budget, and hands-on design elements. Two months out from your wedding day, our team will wrap up all final details, plans and logistics to ensure a beautiful and seamless affair.

The Here Comes the Bride Collection
For couples who enjoy the planning process, but want an expert planner to assist them with the remaining details.

This partial planning collection allows our couples to book their venue of choice and their wedding vendor team with our planning guidance and expertise. We will prepare a detailed wedding timeline, inspire and facilitate the overall design of your wedding, and get your wedding budget started to help you stay on track. Two months out from your wedding day, our team will wrap up all final details, plans and logistics to give you peace of mind as you enjoy your special day.


Engagement Proposal Planning
We love to help our grooms create that one-of-a-kind wedding proposal by assisting behind the scenes on every detail! Our team can assist in hiring all relevant vendors, from photographers and musicians to restaurateurs. We will finish off all your design and ambient details so all you need to do is pop the question! Let us help make this moment perfect for the two of you.

Destination Wedding Planning
If you can dream it, we can find that unique and perfect destination for your special day. From the Yosemite Valley to a castle in Italy — whether it’s just for the two of you, or 200 of your closest friends — we have experience to plan the truly memorable celebration of a lifetime! We are a southern California destination wedding planner here and abroad.

Final Countdown Coordination
This coordination package is great for our couples who have booked their venue and will complete all wedding planning on their own, but need fantastic wedding vendor recommendations and an experienced wedding coordinator to step in and wrap up the details, two months out from the big day. This service is perfect for you!

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