Sonic Comes to Town…

Okay, so I seriously screamed a few months ago when my husband called me on his way home from work and informed me that they were opening up my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FAST FOOD RESTAURANT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD in the south OC. I screamed even louder when he told me it would be opening less than a few miles from our home… SONIC HAS COME TO TOWN…

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, and yes, I mean outstanding pleasure of experiencing Cherry Limeade Drinks, Jalapeno Poppers, shakes, and amazing burgers at Sonic, then you are missing out. Sonic is actually one of America’s oldest Drive-In Restaurants where you can sit in your car and a sweet waiter will serve you (on rollerskates I might add) at your car window. I grew up visiting Sonic’s only in the South where my mom grew up and it was ALWAYS such a treat to swing by and grab a great drink and munchies. And seriously I know I drive my husband crazy whenever we’ve been out of state and I make him drive me to a Sonic just to get my favorite Cherry Limeade Drink… wow, just thinking about it, makes me want one now…

Well now, I don’t have to wait until I go on vacation. I have one of my very own Sonic’s right around the corner from my home.. (hahahaha sister-girl… read-um and weep… my sister ALWAYS has the nerve to call me or send me pictures from the Sonic around the corner from her home in Texas…) Well, here’s a great picture of me enjoying my Sonic…

When the Sonic opened here (about two weeks ago now) there was ALWAYS at least an hour wait. So I staked it out, and knew when the best time to return was and get my favorite treat. And the other night, I did just that… It is a nice structure, clean, and the staff are fantastic. In fact, our order got screwed up and the manager comped our ENTIRE order. He didn’t have to do that, because I KNOW I’ll be back, but it was very sweet and reiterated to me WHY I LOVE SONIC!!!!!!

So, whenever you are in my stomping ground of Mission Viejo, check out the Sonic’s off Jeronimo and Los Alisos… It really will be a fantastic time.. I promise!


Cara - January 5, 2012 - 6:22 pm

You are so cute and we must visit a Sonic together soon. I have never been!!

Love you,

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