We love being a part of weddings and special events. Our Agape Planning Team is comprised of several amazing women: Ashley, our Lead Planner & Designer; Mackenzie, Kirsten, Elise & Allison, are our Associate Coordinators; and Amee, our Coordination Assistant.  We also have some incredible women on our Event Team, that assist us on our wedding days: Bria, Danyelle, Amanda, and Nancy. Because we work as a team throughout the planning and coordination process, our clients receive the best advice, help and quick communication to assist them in all of their planning needs. Our goal is to make each of our clients’ events run smoothly, efficiently, promptly, and peacefully. Please read some fun details on each of our team members below!




As a kid, I wanted to be… a lawyer (funny!).

In my free time… I enjoy hanging out with my family, whether it’s day-tripping or relaxing in my PJs all day if I can!

I apply my faith and values… in all that I do. It’s important to be the same person at home that I am with a client — treating people with the respect and honor they deserve. I’m by far not perfect, but I aspire to give my best in all that I do.

I’m afraid of… snakes, sharks, and horror movies. I still can’t swim very easily in the deep end of a pool because I swear a great white shark is going to come out of a “hidden cage” and get me… Thanks, Jaws!

Favorite movie: Pride & Prejudice

Celebrity crush: Adam Levine

Something our clients may not know about me: I am a HUGE USC fan — Fight On!

Song you rock out to: ‘Girls Like You’ – Maroon 5



As a kid, I wanted to be… a dolphin trainer at Sea World —and a cheerleader!

I apply my faith and values… every day. I try to practice kindness, respect, courtesy, and having a positive attitude with my family and friends as well as with everyone I meet. I really love helping people and doing everything I can to help make their special day go as smoothly as possible.

Favorite movie: Back to the Future

Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds

Something our clients may not know about me: I was a band geek in high school and now sing with an a cappella chorus.

Favorite colors: purple and blue

Song you rock out to: ‘Cake by the Ocean’ by DNCE



As a kid, I wanted to be… an author. And a waitress at Ruby’s!

In my free time… I love being with my family and watching our favorite movies. I also love the beach or going anywhere that has a view of the ocean.

I apply my faith and values… in my daily life. It is my desire for my faith and values to be evident in all areas of my life and in the decisions I make. I am passionate about serving others and I make every effort to live out love, joy, kindness, and a life of thankfulness.

I’m afraid of… roller coasters, the Six Flags Magic Mountain types. I hate the feeling of big drops and I’m always convinced it’s going to fly off the track!

Favorite movie: Cinderella

Something our clients may not know about me: I enjoy going zip-lining. I know it makes no sense since I’m afraid of roller coasters, but I went on one in Maui and it was incredible!

Song you rock out to: ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ — Michael Jackson



As a kid, I wanted to be… a neurosurgeon

In my free time… I ride horses, go for runs, hangout with friends, and usually about 10000 other things.

I apply my faith and values… In everything that I do, I feel as though I put my whole heart into what I do trusting that it is always for a greater plan and to bring glory to God.

I’m afraid of… Poison Ivy/Oak —- been there done that and most definitely don’t want to go back

Favorite movie: any Rom com

Celebrity crush: Hue Jackman 😍

Something our clients may not know about me: I grew up in the wonderful state of Tennessee

Song you rock out to: Anything by the Oh Hellos




As a kid, I wanted to be… a dancer

In my free time… you can find me anywhere outside

I apply my faith and values… in my work, my marriage, my ministry, and everywhere in between. I strive to have my faith and values bleed into every corner of my life.

I’m afraid of… flying. I’ve been all over the world to places like Vietnam, India, Belize, much of Europe and still…I’m afraid of flying.

Favorite movie: 180 Degrees South.

Celebrity crush: Corbin Bleu from his High School Musical days.

Something our clients may not know about me: I’m obsessed with anything involving surf. I’ve watched every surf documentary out there and sometimes dream about traveling the world to surf international waves, but I’m not a surfer and I’m actually kind of afraid of surfing. I just love that it’s you, the ocean, and the board. There’s something so special about it’s simplicity and serenity. Luckily I married a guys who surfs 🙂

Song you rock out to: Love on Top by Beyonce. Play it at your wedding and I’ll be on the dance floor.



In my free time… I love to get outside when I can, so as long as it’s sunny, you can find me at the beach, on a hike, or outside by the pool. Unless it’s football season — then you can find me in front of the TV or at a USC game!

Something our clients may not know about me: I love, love, love to wakeboard.

Song you rock out to: ‘Free’ by the Zac Brown Band is my all-time favorite song!

I apply my faith and core values… in all areas of my life. When I make decisions in my life, I always look to see what choice is going to bring me closer to my core beliefs. Which option lets me love myself and love people better is what I go with!

If I could go anywhere on vacation… I have always wanted to spend a month traveling through Italy and Greece and retrace a trip my grandparents took when they were young.