Connie & William’s Wedding

I can’t even begin to describe the joy I found in planning this spectacular wedding with these two amazing people. Wow, they truly were a blessing to me and a delight to work with…

I think I’ll back track for a moment, and then start from the beginning of their wedding day…. Connie and I met at USC back in our college days. Our friendship was rekindled when I found her through the Nixon Library. We met up, along with William of course, to discuss their wedding plans and how I could possibly be of assistance to them on their special day. From our very first planning meeting, all the way through the end of their wedding, they were both poised, full of smiles, and appreciative to all their friends, family and venders for the support they were receiving… I knew this was a wedding I would truly enjoy planning…

The day prior to the wedding, I met up with the Bride and Groom at the Nixon Library to organize and unload all their fun and detailed items that I was going to set up the next day for their wedding. We then scooted over to Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda (a gorgeous church just around the corner that was just remodeled last year) for their ceremony rehearsal. Connie was smart enough to think about the possibility of rain in the month of January, so decided to move her outdoor ceremony at the Nixon Library to a cozy, gorgeous a-frame church lined with pews, stone floors, stained glass, and honestly a calming environment. Upon arriving at the church, I met Cathy (the church’s wedding coordinator) for the first time in person. We chatted for a few minutes about details for the ceremony and got a chance to run by each other how we were going to work side-by-side on “running the show.” To be honest, I have found it to be hit or miss with working with other coordinators, especially church coordinators. They are either very opinionated and have to have things their way, or, they are easy going and kind in the way they present ideas/opinions. Thanks God, Cathy was the latter. It was fantastic to work with her as she was organized, professional, sweet and honestly ver peaceful. She guided the bride and groom, along with myself and the pastor, through the ceremony rehearsal with such ease and concern for making sure both Connie & William were getting every thing done the way they envisioned. We were out of there in about an hour, with the bride and groom grinning from ear to ear…

The day of the wedding, I spoke to the Bride around 9am. I could tell through the phone that she was smiling and elated, while being pampered by Kelly Zhang, her hair and makeup stylist. We chatted about a few last minute details and I said I would followup with her in a few hours… Connie and William were getting ready at separate hotels and then planned on meeting each other ahead of time to take photos at the hotel where Connie was staying. Sarah Chen, the sweet photographer, created a moment for the bride and groom to meet and although it was interupted by hotel security informing them they “couldn’t shoot on property without paying a fee”, the moment became a memory for both of them to laugh at in the minutes to come.

Connie & William scooted over to the Nixon Library in a white stretch limousine where all family and bridal parties awaited them for some pictures… Thankfully it wasn’t raining at the time, so they were able to shoot everything outside in the garden, which although the roses weren’t in bloom, still created a magical atmosphere…

Meanwhile, preparations were underway by all venders… Flowers being installed in the magnificent East Room, by Flower Allie;

Fine cuisine being prepared in the kitchen and tables being installed by White House Catering;

Gorgeous lighting and sound being assembled by Carcano DJ & Audiovisual Services;

and all the other final details from the elaborate Candy Bar, Personalized Votive Candle Placecards, Wishing Well, and so much more was coming all together by my assistants… The day was truly panning out pretty much exactly as planned… FANTASTIC!

One of the fine touches, Connie had many of these, that they added, was having limousine transportation for all family and bridal parties to and from the Nixon Library to the church. It made it so easy to get all those people, on time, to the ceremony, which of course was scheduled for 4pm and started at 4:01pm… a feat in it of itself. Who ever heard of a ceremony starting on-time!?!?! Well frankly, that’s the way we roll!!!

After photos at the lovely ceremony, all family members arrived at the Nixon to enjoy cocktails, specialty drinks by the bride and groom, wine, tray passed hors d’ eouvres, music by a stringed quartet, the Nixon Library museum, giving wishes to the bride and groom at the wishing well, photobooth candor, and honestly, just mingling and enjoying the festive day.

Cocktail hour came to an end and guests were asked to “light the way” to their tables and await the entrance of the bride and groom… Upon their entrance, which was classic because the bride was wearing her second wedding gown (truly a gorgeous strapless silk gown) and a red feather boa, and the groom was wearing his dapper tux, a sparkly silver hat, and carrying a ball and chaing (get used to that William!!!!)… The guests giggled with delight upon their entrance… Toasts ensued, dinner was served, and then a fun “surprise” occured… The bride’s father introduced all the family that came over from China, and then toasted his daughter and husband. At the end of this toast, he signaled to me, and I cued the Trojan Marching Band, Spirit of Troy, to come marching down the long hallway and enter the East Room for a special performance for the Bride & Groom, whom like myself, are HUGE USC FANS!!!! Wow, to see our alma mater’s band playing for us was fantastic and seriously, everyone couldn’t help but stand on their feet, clapping and holding V-victory signs to salute our beloved band… The bride and groom were grinning again from ear-to-ear…

After dinner, dancing ensued along with a video tribute to the couple, first dances and more eating and drinking… The bride also changed a third time into a remarkable red traditional chinese wedding gown. Truly a fantastic evening… One I will never forget, along with the bride and groom… The best compliment I received was from the bride, who came over towards the end of the evening, hugged me, grabbed my hands and expressed her deep gratitude for making her day perfect. She said that it truly was the best day of their lives. I smiled, and relished in the fact that I was able to play a part in it.

Love you Connie & William. Many blessings to both of you!

PS. Thanks for the photobooth pics…

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