Carrie & Scot’s Wedding – Nixon Library

So its taken me a few weeks to finally blog about this fantastic couple, not for any other reason than the holidays seemed to have creeped up on me and I find myself crazed with the New Year… We’ll back to it…

Wow, wow, wow! SERIOUSLY that doesn’t even do Carrie & Scot’s wedding justice! And I am not even sure where to start on describing Carrie & Scot’s wedding because it was totally INSANE! I guess I’ll just start from the beginning…

Carrie and I met over 5 years ago when I started coordinating weddings frequently at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. At the time, Carrie had just started working at the Nixon Library and she and Scot were just dating. Over the years, I was able to see their relationship grow and become truly remarkable. This couple deeply cares for each other and desires to make the other person’s life the best it can be. They are such an encouragement to not only me, but to the many guests in attendance at their beautiful wedding this past Thanksgiving Weekend.

Carrie and I started planning her wedding in the spring of this year. She knew exactly what she wanted and we worked diligently on finding ways for her to have it all. Yes, have it all, because she deserved it! She isn’t your typical “Diva Bride” as she was always very concerned about making sure that she wasn’t being demanding or a “bridezilla!” Hardly, I don’t think Carrie could ever be such a person, even on her worst day.

Just about once a week Carrie and I either met or spoke on the phone to make sure that she was attacking all items on her weekly Wedding Checklist that I put together for both her and Scot (yes guys, the groom had things to do as well)… Both of them worked pretty hard on them and I tried to make sure that they were enjoying all the planning despite the craziness.

When the big day finally came, everything was pretty much perfect… The bridesmaids all wore these simple but gorgeous strapless floorlength black gowns and carried stunning fall flowers, by none other than Jenny B Floral Design. Carrie’s gown was an exquisite ivory strappy dress with rouging to the side at her waist and flowed out from her hips. Carrie topped it all off with ivory roses in her hair, which was pulled back at the nape of her neck, and in her hand was a lovely white rose bouquet.

Carrie and Scot decided to take pictures together ahead of time, which is becoming more common these days, and so Jim Kennedy (the awesome photographer who was always on top of things and a wonderful person to work with) and I created a special moment for them to see each other. Although I wasn’t able to see their faces as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, I was able to hear the screams of delight and hear the tears of joy as they both were in awe of each other. It truly warmed my heart to experience this moment from the “sidelines.”

The ceremony was in the Nixon’s Rose garden at 4pm, facing the beautiful old white house that President Nixon was born in. The roses petals up the aisle carried your attention to the front where two large candleabras were set ablaze with stunning florals cascading down. The aisle also had these box florals hanging on wrought iron stands. Simply breathtaking!

Cocktail hour was full of tasty hors d’ eouvres and sassy cocktails, catered by White House Catering. When the doors opened to the grand East Room (which is almost and exact replica of the East Room in the White House, except it is a bit larger), guests where transformed to a reception fit for a king and queen. A grand piano in the corner played sweet tunes while guest enjoyed their four course meal starting with delectible Lobster Ravioli, then Salade des Amoureux, next a dual entre of Mahi-Mahi a sweet berry sauce and Filet Mignon drizzled with a four peppers sauce. Simply divine! Instead of the traditional wedding cake, Carrie and Scot opted for a dessert buffet that came out around 9pm, done up White House style… Sugar towers cascading down with chocolate covered strawberries, hazelnut mousse cake, apple tartlets and the chef’s award winning cherry clafoutis! Yummy in the tummy! I had a few bites of these myself… couldn’t resist…

The East Room’s decor was stunning as Carrie & Scot had chosen deep red satin linens and burnt orange satin linens rotating between large round and rectangle tables. The head table was a long King’s Table that seated Carrie & Scot plus their entire bridal party and their guests. The King’s tables sat opposite the 8-piece band, which happened to be one of the best bands I’ve ever seen. Shane Jordan at Jordan Music Entertainment, put together this igniting band that had everyone on their feet dancing the night away. I referred Carrie to Shane as I had seen him and his band in action several years before at a wedding I was in and I knew right away that he would be a great fit for Carrie & Scot…

Carrie & Scot took off around 11pm in a fancy dancy limo and as all their guests waved good-bye to this fantastic couple, I blew them kisses and thanked God for such a perfect, beautiful, intimate wedding. Congrats Carrie & Scot! XOXO…

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